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Services: All Spiritual Counseling and Classes are Biblically Based

Individual and Family sessions.


Drug and Substance Abuse Avoidance


Marriage/Family Planning.

Anger Management/Budgeting Classes.

Private and Group Ministry & Biblical Classes

(Seminary Level).

Assist In Pre Hire and Interview Process

Including Interview Clothing.


Assist in Obtaining Housing and Rental assistance

For Qualified Clients.


Biblical and Spiritual/Ethical Counseling


Training For Missionary Work

Feeding and Clothing of the Homeless


Hospice and Bereavement Ministers


Jail & Prison Family Connection 


  YAHWEH'S TOWER & VILLAGE is currently accepting Donations for all of our on going services and missions. Our immediate need is for a  permanent home, which we will share with Minority Racing Association. Our Partner on this mission. We are looking for funding to take over a pre existing building. In which to continue our services to God and His people.   

Thank You,

Rev. Hollis



Are you walking in your purpose for God or waiting on a sign? Read Jer 1:1-5 and Romans 8:28-30

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