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Nursing Home & Hospice Care:



One of the commands of Christ was to care for the widow and elderly. But many of our elderly and sick are in need of critical attention. Most churches have nursing home or hospice ministries but lack the man power to be effective. Here at Yahweh’s Tower & Village we have a team of committed Spiritual Elders. Men and women of God with a zeal for the aged and hurting. Our volunteers and Ministers will be ready to visit and sit with your family or church member. Our team will work with other family members to determine the best care for your loved one.


The most important thing our team can do is provide prayer and an open ear. It is up to us to continue to show the love and care of Christ to those who need it the most. Those that have given their lives and time to others, should never be left behind.


For further questions please give the church office a call.

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