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Homeless or Displaced:

The homeless are in their different situations for many reasons. Sometimes it can be an easy fix, something as simple as finding a place within their budget. Other times there can be an issue with mental health or drug abuse, which prevents them from being grounded. One partner dies or goes to jail causing loss of income. Some get out of the hospital or jail with no where to go and no one to help.

Despite the cause of their condition, we have been commanded to go to them. To feed and clothe them. So, in our effort to help resolve the homelessness, we will take the word of Father to them. To feed the soul as well as the flesh, and to hear their need. Provide direction to resources when and where there available. Our team of Spiritual leaders will get out and meet them where they are, to determine the need and help where we can. 

The most important thing our team can do is provide prayer and an open ear. It is up to us to continue to show the love and care of Christ to those who need it.

For further questions please give the church office a call. Currently accepting Donations for our Christmas (Toy 4 Kids).

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