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About Us


Yahweh’s Tower & Village is a Worship Center and Missions Hub, dedicated to outreach. We are a worship center due to our gathering and study of the Holy Bible as well as a place of prayer. We are a mission’s hub due to our network of Churches and private donors which help in a time of need.


Since we here at Yahweh’s Tower & Village are a Bible believing worship center. We are obligated to spread the Gospel and care for the needed. Therefore, our work is to be in the fields of our Lord and Savior. To finish the work God has given to us, one person/one family at a time.


Our missions are as followed:


Nursing home & Hospice


Homeless or Displaced


The Prison Family Bridge


Youth Program/ Minority Racing Association


Under these ministries we will complete the work for which we’ve been called.


For further questions or other ministries please give the church office a call.

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Yahweh's Tower & Village has the honor of connecting people to Yahweh God, Yehshua the Christ, and to one another in a loving and caring setting. It is our mission to empower our community to become disciples of God by learning the gospels and practicing his word.


The word “church” originates from the word “gathering” or “to gather”. This is why we so strongly cling to the notion that the church is not a building or a structure, but rather, the church is actually the believers themselves. We aim to maintain and foster a comfortable environment for our congregation to gather, build relationships, demonstrate love and share their knowledge. We believe that the Lord Almighty rewards those who take time out of each day to show their gratitude through prayer and spirituality.

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Placing You On the Path of Yahweh

At Yahweh's Tower & Village, our doors are open to every soul seeking to welcome the Messiah into their hearts. We foster a community where we teach individuals to show their love for  Yahweh, His Son and for one another through the Holy Spirit, worship and community service. Members of our church are those who build relationships with our family through community groups, volunteer activities, worship services or learning. We welcome all individuals seeking God’s love. We teach the doctrines of our Savior Yehshua, and invite you to open up your hearts and allow his grace to penetrate into your soul and being. Pop in today and join our community.

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What We Believe:

A. We believe Yahweh is God of all that is and that he is God all by himself (Isaiah 45:5).

B. We believe that Yahweh created the Heavens and the Earth as described in Gen. Chapters 1 and 2.

C. We believe the Bible to be the written Word of Yahweh and that Holy men of Yahweh were guided by the Holy Spirit of God in penning it’s pages as described in 1st Peter 1:21 or Hebrews 4:12

D. We believe Yehshua to be the Divine Son of Yahweh, having been with God in the beginning of creation. Sent fourth from Yahweh to redeem their creation as stated in Gen. 1:26 and John 1:1-3 or John 17:5

E. We believe in the Ruach Ha Kadosh or the Holy Ghost/Spirit. The comforter promised by God in the old testament and confirmed by the messiah in the New Testament Gen. 1:2, Psalm. 51: 10-12, Psalm 104:30, Isaiah 63: 10-11, Mark 13:11, John 15:26, Acts 13:2-4

F. We believe in water baptism as an outward expression of the inner baptism of the Holy Spirit as described in Matt. 3:13-17

G. We believe in the gifts of the Spirit of God and there Active roll in our daily lives. We believe in the different offices or positions of duties as described in 1st Corinthians chapters 11 & 12

H. We believe in the Resurrection as described in Rev. chapters 20-22. We believe in the second coming of Yehshua and the great judgment seat. The Book of Life and a New Heaven and New Earth.

This list shall serve as a brief introduction to the beliefs of Yahweh’s Tower and Village Inc., for a complete listing of our beliefs please visit our church office.

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